Sometimes we need a dynamo in our lives...

Melissa is an A-type organiser extraordinaire with a friendly, energetic personality, a strong practical streak, and high flying experience which combine to give her real world super-powers!

Melissa started Ask Queen B while living and working in Dubai to provide a creative outlet for her passion for organising and solving problems. Clients referred their friends to her and as word spread the business grew. The view while decluttering a Ponsonby Villa is a little different to a penthouse suite in a metropolitan tower, but the principles remain the same.

Dealing with the requests of the high flyers of Dubai gave Melissa the chance to explore new ways of problem solving and creative solutions to time organisation, and she cherished the diverse challenges.

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The Ask Queen B concept

Commission Melissa's skills for home decluttering, personal lifestyle organisation, special request 'missions' and coordination of projects like moving home.

We provide judgement free practical support.

  • Enlist an ally who knows real life, and enjoy the fruits of her talents as you live in a organised home free from confused clutter and surplus 'things', and enjoy an organised way of life that gives you that most precious commodity - time.

  • Choose to unleash Melissa against your domestic clutter, or your tangled schedule - and know that she will bring a kind eye, a practical outlook and some very smart organisational strategies to helping you create 'a life less busy'!

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The woman behind the brand

As a globe trotting go getter in broadcasting and production, Melissa lived in Brisbane, London and Dubai for two decades before making her family's home in Auckland. 

Melissa has a rather wonderful but often international husband and three delicious rascally children - so she understands the daily chores and drama of running a busy home as well as creating a business and a lifestyle that fulfill and invigorate. 

Unsurprisingly a big fan of good coffee, Melissa loves sunshine, live music and champagne, cooking and reading... and makes time to enjoy them often enough to keep herself sane and happy!