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Ask Queen B

Give the Gift of Time

Gift the skills and time of Queen B to someone you love.

They can use this gift to have advice and help with getting their home decluttered, their lives reorganised, or assistance with organising the chaos of moving house.

Maybe they need someone to step in and sort out a project or to do list that is simply overwhelming. 

So often you want to help, but can't be there yourself. This is the perfect gift to create time, and calm, in the life of someone else.

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    What does the voucher cover?

    The Gift Voucher can be used toward the cost of any service offered on this website.

    Where can the voucher be used?

    We work within Auckland - and organisation or planning insight sessions are also available via Zoom.

    How it works

    1. You buy the Gift Voucher

    You'll immediately get an email with a link to redeem the amount that you gifted.

    2. Send it to your friend or family

    Add a little note explaining that they can contact Queen B and ask for anything offered on this website.

    3. Queen B to the rescue

    Melissa will provide advice support and insights on organisation and planning - or take the reins to organise movers, cleaners, contractors or the relevant services to resolve many unique situations.

    We are here for you

    Providing practical support.


    What we do remains between us - unless you give us a review!


    We work fast, and make a real difference.

    Want to ask something specific?

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