A highly motivated planner and organiser, Melissa has the contacts, energy and insights to make life easier for you. Enjoy having extra time and less stress by handing over the reins to let Queen B get the doing done!




  • Personal Concierge

  • Organisation

  • Moving Home

  • Celebrate

Free up your time with a highly motivated and efficient personal concierge. From planning and organising your life to give you time to reach your goals, to handling the curve balls that life throws you, I will sort out anything you need taken care of.

Personal Concierge Service

How would you like your life arranged? We can declutter your home or create new systems to make your lifestyle less frantic, and leave more time, and space, for you to enjoy living.


Whether you, or someone you love is moving home, we can lighten the load. From organising belongings to booking movers and arranging cleaners and gardeners, we can ensure that your move goes smoothly, and uses as little as possible of your time and energy.

Help Moving House

With Ask Queen B on your team you will have more time to just enjoy your life! Read the stories of other people who have found our services.

Success Stories

Organise your home


A place for everything, and nothing you don't need, or love. A decluttered home is easier than it sounds, and provides space and clarity for you to live in.


  • As a full time working mum of three smalls, I found that managing certain aspects of my home was incredibly challenging and the clutter overwhelmed me as I frankly did not know where to start. Melissa was a total godsend. She arrived with her relaxed and positive outlook, she not only managed to turn our home environment around, but as a result I feel organised, relaxed and so much happier in our space. Melissa was professional but warm and understanding and I absolutely loved working with her. The best thing I’ve ever done and I wish I had done this years ago."

    Jenni Schaefer
  • Having sold the family home of 30+ years, and my beach house, I was faced with the daunting task of moving and condensing everything into my new home. Fortunately, Melissa came to the rescue!  She organised and conducted a garage sale; listed items on TradeMe, responded to all the bidders and arranged individual collections at times that suited me; and sorted out my new kitchen, pantry and kitchen. None of this could have happened without her.

    She was quick, efficient, business-like and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs help in conducting any organising and decluttering task."

    Leigh McGregor
  • Melissa was referred to us after selling our home by our Real Estate Agent. My husband and I are both in our 70's, and not in the best of health. Melissa organised our packing with a bright and positive attitude. She was calm, efficient, and organised. I was very grateful for her kindness and consideration throughout the process, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her."

    Helen Harford
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Ask Queen B for help with

  • On-call Organisation

    Planning, decluttering, moving, parties - whatever you need help coordinating, Melissa can help get it organised.

    Personal Concierge
  • Relocation Service

    Compiling and coordinating all the things that need to be done when you or your loved ones move home - sorted.

    Moving made Easy
  • De-Cluttering Service

    Reduce, reorganise, repair, reuse and regift. Create a home with only beautiful, loved things.

    Clear out & tidy
  • Give a Gift

    Gift Queen B's services to someone who needs some space and time in their life.

    Gift a Voucher
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Where do you work?

Based in Auckland, I work mainly in New Zealand, but regularly coordinate services for clients across the globe.

How much will decluttering cost?

Every project is unique - depending on your goals for your home, how much you want to do yourself, and how much time you have to work on creating a clear home. We can have a quick chat to get an idea of scope and give you an estimate, or you can choose to pay for a set number of hours and I will work to that.

Can you organise my parents move?

Absolutely. We love helping people move with the minimum of stress. We will organise utilities, movers, packing and rehoming of unwanted belongings.