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Decluttering & Organising

Less is more! Less clutter. Less confusion. Less mess. Less stress.

Decluttering your home doesn't mean getting rid of everything. True decluttering is a combination of organisation and refining.

By organising your useful and treasured belongings cleanly and logically, your daily life will be less complicated, and less stressful.

Your home will have more space, more clear surfaces, and everything will be easier to find. Your systems (laundry, making lunches, cleaning the house) will be more efficient and more enjoyable.

Melissa can help you create new systems, organise your belongings, and refine what you own through repairs, recycling or simply giving away excess items. 

You can ask for items to be sold on behalf - through sites like Trade Me, or garage sales, with the proceeds returned to you.

We work within Auckland, and organisation insight sessions are also available via Zoom.

Popular packages are priced, but we are very happy to give a customised quote for your specific situation. Just Ask Queen B.

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Organisation & Planning

Every project runs smoother with a clear goal and a plan of how to get there.

Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle

Less is more. Fewer, more useful and more beautiful items makes for a less cluttered home and a less stressful life.

It's all about who you know

Melissa has a little black book of the very best movers, fixers, transporters, cleaners, packers and sorters. Rely on her to get a trusted connection on the job.

You might be surprised...

The requests we get are many and varied, from handling a dispute with a contractor, to finding and obtaining a special item, or organising every aspect of shifting elderly parents to a new home. If in doubt, just ask. It's likely to be possible!

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