4 Steps to Seasonal Wardrobes

4 Steps to Seasonal Wardrobes

At the turn of the seasons, it's time to declutter your closet with these four simple steps for seasonal wardrobe management. Take the opportunity to edit your look or shed unwanted clothing and accessories when the seasons change, and reinvent your look when mother nature does!

1. Store

Fold neatly and pack away anything you won’t be wearing. You won't need that floaty floral dress in winter, or your favourite chunky cardi in summer. 

2. Gift

  • If there are any clothes that made it through an entire season without being worn, give them away.
  • If any of your clothes no longer fit, give them away.
  • If you don't love it any more, give it away.

Where can you gift your clothes? 

  • Treasured pieces you no longer fit or want will be snapped up by your friends.
  • Useful clothes can go to thrift shops, especially children's clothing in good condition and menswear as these are normally in high demand.
  • Women's suits, office wear and workplace accessories to Dress for Success.
  • Fancy but damaged clothes - dress ups for children, or see Step 3.
  • Clean, but damaged and worn clothes that have done their dash - into the charity rag bins for reuse as fabric fibres.

3. Repair

Lost buttons, tears, broken zips, clothes that need altering, unstuck diamantes, faded clothes to re-dye, shoes that need reheeling, boots that need insoles...

Collect up all the items that need some TLC and fix or drop them to a specialist - then apply Step 1.

4. Sell

Sell online through Trade Me, Marketplace or hold a garage sale. Send vintage and designer clothes to recycle boutiques who will sell on behalf.


If you want someone else to do all the doing, Ask Queen B.