Organising the Linen Cupboard

Organising the Linen Cupboard

Linen cupboards can become the Bermuda Triangle very quickly! Here are  tested and proven tips for organising your linen that all our grandmothers would approve of. 


  1. Separate different sized sheets and pillow cases and blankets into dedicated stacks. Label them if needed. King Single items in one stack, Queen in another. Beach towels in one stack, bath towels in another.
  2. Use set folding techniques for all your linen so that each type of item ends up the same dimensions and forms a steady stack.
  3. Line up each stack with the narrow end facing the door so you can fit more stacks across each shelf.
  4. Store bedding sets inside a matching pillowcase to save time searching through your linen cupboard.
  5. Some items (hand towels, tea towels, large bath towels) may live in different rooms like the ensuite, kitchen, or bathroom if there are suitable cupboards. This means you can swiftly replace the one going into the wash, without walking between rooms.


  1. Stained, torn, overly worn or discoloured items should go either in the rubbish, the rag bag or workshop.
  2. When a child out-grows a bed (moving from cot to single bed, or single bed to king single / double) gift all the good condition linen that is no longer needed to charity, or to friends with younger children.

Enjoy your freshly organised linen closet!