The Saturday Mini-Declutter

The Saturday Mini-Declutter

Cleaning and Decluttering are two separate skills. 

Cleaning - A combination of daily and weekly and seasonal chores which combine to create a clean, hygienic and healthy home.

Decluttering - Removing all the clutter and mess that makes cleaning extra time consuming and fills your home with things you don't need.

Making time every Saturday for everyone in the house to do a 'mini-decluttering' prevents the build up of detritus and debris; from unopened bills to old shoes to a stick the children brought home and abandoned on the porch.

Whisking away the excess items in your home with a mini-decluttering each weekend means you will have clear surfaces to clean, and your cleaning chores will go faster and be less interrupted by the sorting and putting away of random items.

Hot tip for parents:
If you have younger children, make your mini-declutter ritual a game, challenging them to find 7 things that aren't where they should be, or aren't needed anymore. 


Your home will look cleaner and feel more welcoming - and things will be easy to find.